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Introduction to DNS Search for Cyberinvestigations

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Since almost every online transaction -- good or bad -- begins with a DNS lookup, cybercriminals leave their digital footprints in the DNS. DNS Search enables security professionals to uncover these footprints -- and find  relevant DNS-related assets such as domain names, IP addresses, nameservers, common contacts and keys and more.

In this webinar, "Introduction to DNS Search for Cyberinvestigations," Principal Architect Boris Taratine will show you how to search historical passive DNS, from simple keywords and substrings as small as just several characters to more complex patterns, to easily – and quickly – identify and map domain names and IP addresses associated with bad actors or used in malicious infrastructures, brand infringement campaigns, phishing schemes, ransomware and other cybercrime.



Boris Taratine

Boris Taratine is a passionate visionary and an influential ambassador of cybersecurity and cyber defense. During the decades of his career, he has held senior technical and leadership roles across several industries. He actively promotes industry collaboration, participates in various industry forums, and is a frequent speaker at various industry events to influence global cybersecurity development. Boris is the highest honor graduate at the Saint-Petersburg State University. During his Ph.D. studies, he co-authored a few publications and patents granted under the NATO HiTech project; further has many publications and dozens of patents granted and pending. He is willing to share all the knowledge with anyone who wants to learn – this can be you.