We're pleased to announce that DNSDB Community Edition is now available for you. To access DNSDB Community Edition, go to https://www.farsightsecurity.com/dnsdb-community-edition/ and officially register for your account. You will receive an email confirmation containing your account login details. 

Farsight Security DNSDB® Community Edition gives threat hunters and security professionals free access to the World’s Largest DNS Intelligence Solution. Contextualize, correlate and transform all of your threat and network data feeds into actionable, relevant threat intelligence in real-time to increase the value of your organization’s existing threat intelligence security operations.

Starting with a single suspicious domain or IP address, query DNSDB Community Edition to find related DNS digital artifacts, from name servers to other IP addresses or domain names, to map an adversary’s malicious infrastructure.

DNSDB Community Edition offers a subset of the full enterprise version of DNSDB. For more information about the comprehensive power of DNSDB, visit https://www.farsightsecurity.com/solutions/dnsdb/

What's included:

› DNSDB API key with 500 queries/month
› Up to 25 queries/hour with 256 results per query
› Access to historical data observed between 1 and 90 days ago
› 30-day renewal (with valid email confirmation)