Discover Hidden Clues with Farsight DNSDB®

Virtually everything we do on the Internet begins with the Domain Name System (DNS). Cybercriminals rely on DNS assets such as domain names, IP addresses and name servers to build and manage their malicious infrastructure. In this eBook, take a deep dive into DNS and learn how to discover these previously hidden digital artifacts and advance your investigations.

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Highlights of the eBook include:

• An overview of how cybercriminals have come to rely on DNS to build their malicious infrastructure. Domain names, IP addresses, name servers and other DNS assets repeatedly used – and reused – to commit crime.

• How cyber investigators can leverage passive DNS within Farsight’s passive DNS historical database, DNSDB, to combat back actors.

• A digital investigation “battle plan” demonstrating how passive DNS ties together clues in ways that cybercriminals might never have imagined possible.