On-Demand Webinar: Faster Risk Mitigation and Prevention with Farsight DNSDB® App for Splunk®

On-demand Webinar

By augmenting their organization's internal log data with real-time Internet infrastructure information, security teams will have better visibility for the detection, identification and analysis of threats and adversary infrastructure and capabilities.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the Farsight DNSDB® transforms threat feeds into actionable, relevant threat intelligence in real time
  • How to enhance a Splunk® dataset with contextual information and situational awareness from DNSDB
  • How to augment existing workflows in Splunk to auto-generate queries and populate contextual information

About the Speaker

Tyrone Wilson, Founder and President, Cover6 Solutions, LLC.Screenshot 2019-01-14 17.40.05

Mr. Wilson is an information security professional with 22 years of experience in information technology and systems configuration, including information systems and network security. Wilson also has extensive knowledge in computer network defense, vulnerability assessments, cyber threat analysis, and incident response. As a former cybersecurity analyst for the United States Army, Wilson developed security structures to ensure American intelligence systems were protected from foreign threats. Currently, Wilson is the Founder and President of Cover6 Solutions, LLC; which teaches companies and professionals various aspects of information security, penetration testing, and IPv6.  

Wilson is also the organizer of a 6,000+ person Information Security meetup group called The D.C. Cyber Security Professionals. In addition, Wilson is also on the Review Board of BSides NoVA and has recently presented and/or taught classes at major conferences and events such as BSides DC 2018, ISACA-GWDC Cybersecurity & Risk Conference, ISSA Mid Atlantic Security Conference, BSides NoVA 2017, BSides DC 2017, and DCCyberWeek 2017. 

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