Farsight Security Meeting Room BMR612, Mandalay Bay
Wednesday, August 8th at 2pm

- Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO, Farsight Security
- Jonathan Couch, SVP Strategy, ThreatQuotient

You are invited to join us for a special presentation:  "The Power of DNS for Threat Intelligence," by Internet pioneer and Farsight Security, Inc. CEO Dr. Paul Vixie and ThreatQuotient Senior Vice President, Strategy, Jonathan Couch. 

Nothing, good or bad, can happen on the Internet without involving the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS offers a commanding view of both the local and global Internet, providing unparalleled intelligence on cybercriminal activities and their attack methods. In this presentation, Dr. Vixie will provide an overview of how cybercriminals abuse DNS to commit crime, from phishing to targeted attacks. Mr. Couch will discuss how security analysts, threat investigators and incident response teams can use DNS intelligence to map criminal campaigns to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of their investigations.

Please note: Seating is Very Limited

Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO, Farsight Security 

dr.vixie.1-1Inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014, Dr. Vixie designed, implemented and deployed several DNS protocol extensions and applications that are used throughout the Internet today. Prior to Farsight, he served as President, Chairman, and founder of Internet Systems Consortium (ISC); as President of  MAPS, PAIX, and MIBH; and as CTO of Abovenet/MFN. He served on the ARIN Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2013, and as Chairman in 2008 and 2009. Dr. Vixie is a founding member of ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) and ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).


Jonathan Couch, SVP Strategy, ThreatQuotient

jonathan-couch-threatq-2As SVP of Strategy of ThreatQuotient, Jonathan Couch utilizes his 20+ years of experience in information security, information warfare
and intelligence collection to focus on the development of people, process, and technology within client organizations to assist in the consumption, use, and communication of cyber threat intelligence. Jonathan’s expertise is in leading advanced cyber warfare, cybersecurity, information operations, and intelligence technologies research. Prior to ThreatQuotient, Jonathan was a Co-Founder and VP of Threat Intelligence Services for iSIGHT Partners. There he created and managed a threat fusion center to help clients transition to intelligence-led security programs. Jonathan also has previously served in the Air Force at the NSA, Air Force Information Warfare Center, and in Saudi Arabia as the regional network engineer for the Joint Task Force (SW Asia). After leaving the military, Jonathan led a 25-member research and development team at Sytex Inc., later acquired by Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Labs in 2005.