Luxury Brands,
Cheap Domains:

Why Retailers Are Losing The Fight Against Online 


Highlights of the report include:

  • According to the International Trademark Association, nearly $500 billion worth of counterfeit goods were bought and sold last year, mostly online.
  • A typical Fortune 500 corporation may have a thousand or more domain names. Yet not every corporate domain includes an organization’s trademark.
  • Passive DNS sees 2½ new second-level domains per second and 50-60 new Fully Qualified New Domains (FQND) per second.
  • We looked in-depth at four international luxury brands, Burberry, Cartier, Gucci and Prada.
  • Each of the brands had its name included in many thousands of effective second-level domain names.
  • Using Farsight Passive DNS and DomainTools solutions, we were able to show that brand name infringement is an enormous and significant challenge to today’s retailers.