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Privacy and Security: Your Own Recursive DNS will not Compromise on Either

Available Dates: Wednesday, October 13 at 4pm ET | Wednesday, November 3 at 4p CT | Wednesday, December 2 at 4p PT

In a time of increasing risk and regulations, Privacy and Security continue to be at the forefront of almost every key decision that businesses make. While we tend to think of the two as being separate issues, many security professionals are finding that the strategies that help in one area, are also relevant for the other. For this Round Table event, we are going to explore one of the most important (although less-discussed) ways that these two worlds overlap…DNS (Domain Name System).

If you are responsible for protecting your network or your business, large or small, you already know how challenging it is to defend against KNOWN threats and risks. What is your strategy for defending against the “known unknowns,” the risks lurking in the shadows that have not been identified yet? Since almost everything on the internet starts with DNS, we believe the time is right to start discussing the ways that security professionals can leverage DNS to improve their security posture and ongoing privacy efforts. Please join us to learn more about how organizations are finding ways to manage their Privacy and Security efforts without compromising on either.

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Discussion questions:

  • What do you see to be a conflict between privacy and security related to DNS in general, and in your environment in particular?
  • How often do DNS topics come up in your internal discussions in relation to solving security and privacy challenges?
  • How will you approach DoH/DoT and other protocols that promote privacy at the expense of corporate control and visibility?
  • Do you have expertise in-house to run your own DNS? If yes, what team - network or security - does run, or will be running, it?
  • If you still would continue relying on your Cloud or Third-party provider, was this discussion useful for you to improve your understanding on this topic?



Marilise de Villiers Basson

Marilise de Villiers Basson, the founder & CEO of ROAR! Coaching & Consulting. At ROAR!, we are passionate about people living successful, fulfilled, and healthy lives. I am an Executive Coach, Best-selling Author, ROAR! the Podcast Host, TEDx Speaker and a Cyber Security Awareness, Culture & Talent Expert. I’ve led the design and roll-out of global behavior change programmers across multiple industries over the last 22 years.




Boris Taratine

Boris Taratine is a passionate visionary and an influential ambassador of cybersecurity and cyber defense. During the decades of his career, he has held senior technical and leadership roles across several industries. He actively promotes industry collaboration, participates in various industry forums, and is a frequent speaker at various industry events to influence global cybersecurity development. Boris is the highest honor graduate at the Saint-Petersburg State University. During his Ph.D. studies, he co-authored a few publications and patents granted under the NATO HiTech project; further has many publications and dozens of patents granted and pending. He is willing to share all the knowledge with anyone who wants to learn – this can be you.