This whitepaper will help bootstrap developers because it shows examples of how to use the SIE Batch API in Ruby, Python, Perl and C. For each language, we build a simple command line client that let's you:
 - Verify that your SIE Batch API key is OK
 - List your subscribed channels
 - Find the range of dates available for a specific channel (and how many bytes that data represents)
 - Request data for a specific channel for a user-specified number of minutes (going back from now)
 - Request data for a specific channel from a user-specified starting datetime to a user-specified ending datetime
These examples should give you a "quick start" when it comes to using SIE Batch and building your own custom apps.
Moreover, if you like to work at the command line/from the Un*x shell prompt, you may find these proof of concept applications are just what you need for:
 - Quickly verifying that your SIE Batch API key is okay and that the channels you expect have been provisioned
 - Routinely downloading SIE data (perhaps from a cron job)
 - Making ad hoc SIE data requests to support one-off data requests for investigations