On-Demand Webinar: Threat Hunting with Passive DNS

Threat Hunting with Passive DNS: A Real-World Investigation
with Farsight Security and Deloitte

Presented by Dr. Paul Vixie and Scott Keoseyan

Join us for an eye-opening webinar with Farsight Security's CEO, Dr. Paul Vixie and Deloitte's Threat Intelligence & Analytics (TIA) team, headed by Scott Keoseyan, Head of Threat Research, Deloitte.

We will demonstrate how Passive DNS solves problems that would otherwise not be addressable without Farsight's DNSDB. An ongoing investigation will unfold before your eyes to expose how cyber criminals are moving infrastructure to avoid detection and how to track their moves with simple steps. 

  • See how an investigation unfolds, from discovery to tracking
  • Explore other uses of pDNS for threat hunting
  • Examine a set of investigation outcomes


Dr. Paul Vixie,
Chairman, CEO, and CoFounder of Farsight Security, Inc.
Paul was inducted into Internet Hall of Fame in 2014. He began his career as a programmer (Cron, RTTY, BIND), before becoming an author (Sendmail: Theory and Practice, Open Sources, RFC 1876, 1996, 2010, 2052, 2136, 2671, 2845), and serial entrepreneur (ISC, MAPS, PAIX, MIBH, DNS-OARC, Farsight). A Ph.D. from Keio University.  

Scott Keoseyan,
Head of Threat Research, Deloitte
Scott has extensive work in cyber-crime research, incident response, and information security, and regularly conducts dynamic malware analysis and intelligence gathering via manual investigation using various network forensics tools, packet-capture and analysis software and systems.

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